3D survey with the latest geodetic technologies

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Land surveying

Geodetic works in real estate cadastre and investment construction projects

3D laser scanning

Terrestrial laser scanning for accurate spatial data


Photogrametric scanning and 3D modeling for any purpose

Drone mapping

Aerial photogrammetry for mapping large areas


About us

We are a family business focused in surveying related to cadastre, construction and science since 1991. Beveling s. r. o. itself was founded in 2017 and together with its foundation we have expanded our services with modern geodetic technologies like 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry. We use these modern methods to scan interiors and exteriors of buildings, industrial plants, and in special use cases such as archeology and cultural heritage research. Since 2019, we have been authorized to carry out aerial work with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with an operating mass of no more than 150 kg. We use UAVs or in other words drones for photogrammetric data collection to create maps and 3D models of terrain, buildings and industrial facilities. We can combine this photogrammetric data with 3D laser scanning and classic geodetic survey.

Our team

Ing. Gabriel Vanko
Ing. Gabriel Vanko
Cadastre and civil engineering survey specialist
Ing. Jakub Vanko
Ing. Jakub Vanko
UAV Pilot
Photogrammetry and scanning specialist
Ing. Gabriel Vanko st.
Ing. Gabriel Vanko st.
Authorized surveyor and cartographer
license 422

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