Project documentation is often not available during reconstruction of older buildings. 3D laser scanning before reconstruction has many advantages over conventional surveying methods. Scanning is not only faster but we also get much more usable data. The acquired point cloud is then usable for creating project documentation such as floor plans, cross sections and many
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Industrial enviroments

3D laser scanning is also widely used in mapping industrial enviroments. By classical surveying methods, the measurements would be very complicated and time consuming. This scan was delivered to a design company that prepared the documentation for pipe replacement

Surface area and volume

Determining volumes and areas of surfaces is a frequent task in surface mining and landfill management. Classical ways of determining volumes include surveying cross sections. This method relies on a set of discrete points surveyed by a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver or with a total station. In order for these discrete points to
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Displacements and deformations

We also apply our long-term experience in specialized tasks in civil engineering, such as measuring displacements and deformations of metal structures.

Remote sensing

We also work with remote sensing data such as radar and multi-spectral satellite images. The data from the global height model ASTER were used to create the visualization of the High Tatras. ASTER is a product of the National Aviation and Space Office (NASA) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI).
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Civil engineering

We provide complete surveying services before, during and after civil engineering projects. Pre-realization survey provides data for project design. During construction we provide staking out and control surveys. After project completion we provide survey for final inspection and for cadastre.

Cultural heritage

By combining geodetic measurements, laser scanning and photogrammetry we can create a 3D models of any kind of landmarks. The 3D model is then usable for visualization and creation of additional 2D and 3D outputs.

Art and design

We can scan and digitize unique items such as works of art or exhibits from museum collections. In the picture you can see a carved wooden sculpture that was scanned for an architectural visualization rendered in Unreal Engine 4.